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As one of, 's leading contract cleaning companies, Upholstery Cleaning Guys offers specialised Upholstery Cleaning Services whilst always ensuring that we are first to market innovative ideas and systems to reduce costs for our clients.

More recently we saw the introduction of mobile training interventions and electronic performance management systems, once again demonstrating an ability to be market leaders in everything that we do.

Upholstery Cleaning Guys has been offering Upholstery Cleaning Services such as high pressure cleaning and high level cleaning to the commercial, healthcare, retail, industrial, hospitality and education industry sectors. We are well established in our field and pride ourselves on outstanding service delivery.

Health and Safety

Upholstery Cleaning Guys Upholstery Cleaning Services strive to provide all employees with a working environment that is safe and without risk to their health. Upholstery Cleaning Guys also strives to protect all other persons against hazards to their health and safety arising out of our operations, which includes making use of products and rendering services that are safe and without risk to health and the environment.


At Upholstery Cleaning Guys, we recognise the critical importance of environmental sustainability and the need for the integration of sustainability into the fabric of our business practices at a functional and operational level.

As such, Upholstery Cleaning Guys has established a formal mechanism to drive this requirement within our operation, which includes our executive management driving a bottom up process to develop and implement a robust environmental sustainability policy. This includes the measurement of our carbon footprint and the identification of ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Quality & Performance

Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) function is the custodian of best practices throughout the business and is there to drive service delivery and productivity increases by means of new systems, innovations and technological advances in the industry.

CoE provides the conduit between the Executive committee, individual programs and external suppliers etc.

• Best Practice

• Performance monitoring

• Performance Outcomes

• Performance Enhancements

Documented best practices are implemented through the organisation resulting in exceptional service delivery across our contracts.

Performance monitoring

Our onsite performance is monitored electronically by means of PDA’s with complete transparency for our clients.


Independent audits take place on a monthly basis, to ensure we maintain a high standard of service delivery.

Client Satisfaction Indicator (CSI)

We conduct monthly Client Satisfaction Indicators (CSI’s), to ensure quality service delivery.

Operations Dashboard

The Upholstery Cleaning Guys Dashboard provide Upholstery Cleaning Guys management with both a snap shot as well as trends in service delivery.

Performance Outcomes

Results of all these interventions are collated and performance enhancements are developed.

• No more leaving your workplace to attend training

• No disruption of daily tasks that needs performing

• No replacement staff required

• Caters for less literate

• Much faster and more effective than conventional methods

• Electronic reporting

• Speed up the learning process

• Self learning and assessments

• Recorded outcomes

• Improve service levels

So the next time you need an Upholstery Cleaning Services call Upholstery Cleaning Guys on 800-867-0212.

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